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Thread: Rage filled post making unreasonable demands about Roads in SE Asia/Seattle

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    Rage filled post making unreasonable demands about Roads in SE Asia/Seattle


    I just wanted to put this out here for discussion/as a suggestion.

    Right now, vehicles on both the SE-Asia and Seattle maps completely ignore the roads (at least they have done so in every experiment I have made.) This makes mission design, particularily with the now coming rearmed booster and its tons of ground vehicles, rather tricky, because nobody can be bothered to stick to the main supply routes, instead careening trough the underbrush left and right.

    I know that this is, at least for the seattle map, a pretty big demand. I would be happy, however, if only the main roads would be properly useable by vehicles, and all major roads on the SE Asia map useable in a similar fashion.

    With great hopes


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    +1 for this
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    With no solid water

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    Totaly agree!

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