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Thread: Vsnyc & Triple buffering - What do most have these set on??

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    Vsnyc & Triple buffering - What do most have these set on??

    Just curious to others settings for these 2 items.....Vsync and Triple Buffering..


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    I keep vsync on in arma, input lag is noticable but arma is not that high paced anyway.
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    Before the latest nVidia drivers which allow for Adaptive Vsync, I was using Vsync + Triple Buffering, which has to be forced via a program like D3DOverrider. Setting Triple Buffering in the control panel does nothing for Direct3D stuff.

    Now I just use Adaptive Vsync.
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    I use Track IR and I find I need to have Vsync off or I get annoying "jittering" when panning my view. This is playing on server where my FPS are between 25-30. I would normally have VSYNC on if my FPS where higher as I find tearing quite distracting. I haven't really noticed if triple buffer with VSYNC makes any difference. I'd have to guess no.
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    What is the main benefit of having Vsync "ON" ??

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    Off and off, always. Screen tearing doesn't bother me compared to input lag. Besides, I can run my screen at 76hz which helps.
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