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Thread: Freetrack-related crash on startup

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    Freetrack-related crash on startup

    Hello everyone!

    I installed freetrack recently. It works fine with all my games (the ones that use head tracking), except Take On Helicopters. If Freetrack is installed, the game won't go past the "Bohemia Interactive Presents..." screen. The same thing also happens sometimes in ArmA II, but it only crashes once or maybe twice and then the game and the head tracking work fine.
    I'm looking for the Freetrack service to see if disabling it solves the crashes. Freetrack supposedly supports TOH, so this is weird..

    My system is:
    AMD Phenom II x4 955 @ 3,2Ghz
    4GB DDR3
    geForce GTS450 1GB
    Windows 7 home premium 64bit
    Everything is up to date.

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    Hi! Can anybody else confirm this using Freetrack?
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    Yes, I need to launch the game twice if freetrack is running. Just like in the bug linked by Dwarden. One of my squad m8s has it too.

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    The problem Dwarden says is the one I'm having in ArmA II. In TOH, however, it doesn't matter how many times I try to start the game. As long as Freetrack is installed, TOH won't run.

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    the problem lays in FreeTrack, let me ask do You have DPI setting of desktop different than 96dpi default?

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    I checked it and it's set to 96DPI

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    well then i have no idea, the problem is inside freetrack ... nothing we can easily (if at all) fix by ourself

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    I was having this problem and solved it by unchecking one of the output options in freetrack. Freetrack sends out a freetrack stream and a trackIR stream. I think that since TOH supports both it's seeing both streams and getting confused. Just set Freetrack to output either, but not both, of the streams and it will work.

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