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Thread: Will you update beta version as bugs get fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadDogX View Post
    If there were an update, they would have announced it.
    But....but, just say that they hadn't, and that they keep the beta up to date.

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    For CRIPES sake isn't this the whole reason why we're participating in the play & contribute system ?

    To find the bugs & have Bohemia repair them and then have us retest it when they have ?

    There are some pretty large game busting issues with the BETA as it stands - not being able to save games, game freezing, random crashes, AI glitches etc. etc.

    If Bohemia fixed them all at once and then issued the game to GO GOLD without proper testing of these potential fixes .... well.......I think this game would get panned by the public in general which would be an epic shame because I believe Carrier Command could be the GOTY if done properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JM0N View Post

    I believe Carrier Command could be the GOTY if done properly.
    ATM it has many bugs, graphical glitches and a zhitty control system. But when these are fixed, then.....

    Without any shadow of a doubt.
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