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Thread: Another day in Avgani...

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    Smile Another day in Avgani...

    Mission type: Coop.
    I will be doing a SP version of it after.
    Min players: 1.
    Max players: 8.
    Required addons: ACE mod; Avgani by opx; M1114 Up-Armoured by NZXSHADOWS & VXR.
    Respawn type: Base.
    I will be releasing a Revive version after.
    Corpsman can build a Field Hospital.
    Engineer can build a Repair Station.
    Destroy all enemy Anti Air Guns.
    Destroy all enemy Ammo Caches.
    Clear out all enemy forces in Avgani.

    UPS script by Kronzky.
    Universal Weapons Respawn Script by toadlife, revised by norrin for ArmA.
    BIS for ArmA.
    Whoever made the FARP and MASH script which I took from (Co16)EvolutionBV4.97_A.C.E .

    I never really got into ACE mod before but I started using it again and I think I will keep it, my missions will be ACE but I will try and make a non-ACE version too.
    I also need testers before I release it. I can host, PM if interested. The required addons are above.


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    Nice to see somebody still doing things for ARMA!
    Do You remember the nice DMA-Dynamic Afghanistan missions for OFP, where you played as Delta Force or russian VDV on CAT-Afghanistan Island? Nice to have something like that in ARMA now!


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