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Thread: DayZ Zombie RPG (Unofficial Mod) Alpha

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    [QUOTE=BoneBoys;2144615]Hey, The.D,
    the reason I decided to become a Lone Wolf is because I've been killed nearly as much by "survivors as by Zed's. I got kiles at least twpfold the times by "survivors"'s darggign me away from this mod that whenever you rty to make a contact and close in with lowered weapon you get that point you realize that the communication in this game is broken and it is impossible to make contact an any way execpt text i always got shot while typing. Im tired of getting all the gear together again so I do as all the others do, stop playing nice guy and become a Bandit.

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    bandit all the way! Shoot first, ask questions later! Shoot first, and shoot often! You can't get pk'ed by a sketchy survivor if you put a bullet in his head!!

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    How about a much simpeler solution: Respawn with an even worse gun, or no gun at all. It makes having to start over very hard if you are alone, but quite doable in a team, and makes your life much more precious, especially if you are alone.

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    I've started to play Dayz a few hours ago, very cool mod but i really don't understand all of this pvp rage, for this reason i've tried to avoid every player i've found, thankfully i've met a friend so we will keep playing together for a while, Beagle next time if you see me on a server and we are close enough you have the opportunity to join two totally newbies who prefer team play against zombies and hate pvp

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    I hope there won't be any "balancing" changes to the PvP aspect of this mod.
    What could make the gameplay frustrating, is the broken direct chat, which makes it very hard to communicate with others - once (if) it is fixed, everything will be fine again.
    I haven't got much problems with bandits (i was killed by other player only once), just use common sense and be careful where you go and who do you talk to - exactly as your mommy is saying.
    Never had any problems finding some friendly players to tag along.
    I prefer to play cooperatively, or as a "lone wolf", but i also enjoy being a bandit from time to time.

    If you feel you absolutely must do something about those evil bandits, then do something to MOTIVATE people to cooperate, but DO NOT PENALIZE bandits for PvP.

    For example, add some random side missions (clear area from zombies / rescue some AI survivors / bring medicine to wounded AI survivor / whatever) which would need more players to successfully complete them, and resulting in some rewards (better weapon, ammo, etc.), but let the bandits to do whatever they want, without them it would be just a half of the fun.
    Maybe restrict these missions to reward only non-bandits.

    Also, it would be great if everyone could choose his character model, and save it, so next time the player logs in, he would have the same model.
    It could be restricted somehow, ie. limit models available to bandits, or unlock other models only after XX hours of being alive while keeping humanity high, whatever...
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    I'm not playing the nice guy, I'm trying to survive ,not very well I admit but trying.
    I must be doing something wrong though, the most Z kills I've reached is 56 or so.
    When I look at the scores some guys are up there in the hundreds. I guess they are camping a hot spot and groups.

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    It's not about score in this mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defunkt View Post
    It has nothing to do with dumbing things down but rather everything to do with endowing bandits with a healthy respect for their own lives which otherwise isn't simulated in-game (respawn, repeat).

    In as much as this is a social experiment its fails completely without that very real disincentive to initiate conflicts with lethal consequence.
    There are better ways of doing that then banning them from the game.

    If your humanity is below Zero you spawn with half of the gear you should normally have.
    If your humanity is below -5k you spawn with only 2 magazines for you makarov, a bandage and the worst backpack.
    -10k and you start with 1 makarov mag at 2k blood

    If you killed 5 bandits last life and your humanity is over 1k you get to spawn with a better pistol 10+ bandits and you spawn with a PP-19 Bizon.

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    I like that idea. Zombie karma.

    But perhaps the best re-adjustment for pvp vs co-op would be giving players more things to do, long term survival projects that are incompatible with banditry.
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    Do you lose Humanity when killing Bandits?

    Because, when I think of it. Killing them is the best you can do. Bandits from Airports have all you ever wanted, NVGs, Best weapons, AMmo and Equipment! They should be the first and most lucrative target out there! Just go for the airports and dont bother the houses with shitty loot, just watch out for bandits with the good loot.

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