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Thread: User Monetization of BI's games Audio&Video content(YoutTube,Twitch Partnership etc.)

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    Placebo could you please give me your email address so I can send it to you?

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    Welcome to Associate Producer Matt Lightfoot as new Forum/Community/Moderating lead, he should be contacted for all related matters now, not me!

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    @Placebo I also sent mine to you just now, I sent it to the 2 emails in the OP but havent received a response yet.

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    Signed and returned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Placebo View Post
    Signed and returned
    Thank you!

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    Sorry for being a hassle, however YouTube now have me lost. The PDF linked in the OP I had sent your way, to both addresses, with the YT account name GodlikeAssassin. YT have given me no form of contacting them to further pursue the issue, of which I've lost as to what needs to be mentioned. Should I have received the PDF in the OP signed by you at a later date from when I had sent it to you? Is it that which I should respond to this monetization claim with? If so, how do I go about responding to them, as there's absolutely no useful information in the email, and to be frank, their Youtube Creator site doesn't look particularly legitimate.

    Can post email headers via PM if best.

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    So would we need this is we wanted to use screens from the game on custom products from zazzle.com? we are a clan and any funds generated this way go back into funding our game servers

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    what do you have chose when they ask for more information?
    I have an Online License?

    And what I have to write there?

    and what link? this Topic?

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    I shall not insult moderators
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    I recently sent the signed pdf included in this email to David.Foltyn Ota.Vrtatko as requested in the Bohemia Interactive forums.
    I had to sign up to "EchoSign" electronic signature service to send the pdf officially thru the adobe pdf but now today I sent again to placebo email and it took me to an adobe service where I had to sign up so I am hell confused. What do I nee back from you guys exactly to give to youtube? What link do I refer them to or do I just send them the signed pdf once I get it back from you?
    thanks for any help I appreciate it.

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    Anyway, I made so far $1,79 by now lol, and Im not sure if Im going to see that money anyday, because you also have to reach $100 minimum to get paid, and even worse, Im not sure if here, in my country, they are going to pay me, or steal all with taxes and other shit they invented recently to take your money :s

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