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Thread: What Graphics Card/s are you using for the DEMO?

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    Sometimes yes, in external carrier view. Also at sunset, the guns glow bright yellow. Strange!

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    GTX 580 with i5 2500k, and run perfectly!

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    ATI HD5770 @ 1680x1050 works great, just got PostProcess turned down 1 notch !!!


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    Core i7-2600K
    16GB RAM

    I run the game in 1920x1080 and max details without a problem. I just had to change Antialiasing - Mode in my NVIDIA Control Panel to Application-controlled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Placebo View Post
    I'm using an AMD Sapphire 6970 2GB GDDR5, everything maxed out at 1080p looks great
    Also using ATI HD6970 - ASUS branded , running @ 2560x1440 with Anisotropic filtering, and everything set to Max. Can jitter a *tad* over islands, but in general is _butter smooth_.

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    I personally have everything on the highest settings @ 1680 x 1050 on a GTX285 (ZOTAC fact. overclock) w/ AMD Phenom 1050T and 8gb of Kingston Hyper-X Genesis 1600Mhz, with no noticable issues. Fairly well optimized.

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    ATI HD5850
    My graphics were already beautiful and then I installed all the recommended compatibly win 7 updates ( not security updates) and your nor going to believe this, but my graphics have become even better.

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    blizko :-)
    so many gaming graphics, so i will add my
    OEM Geforce GT545 3GB VRAM, running fine, little slow (25fps), but playable

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