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Thread: Changing Vehicle Camouflage

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    Question Changing Vehicle Camouflage

    I'm Sorry ahead of time if this in the wrong area. My first time not being able to not google search my problem.

    The M1114 HMMWV (M240) Humvee is a woodland camouflaged vehicle.

    however, I was recently on an Insurgency with a friend (we both do NOT have reskin addons) and in the FOB on said server, sits a DESERT tan M1114 HMMWV (M240)

    Basicly, Im confused, how does one find this vehicle? I know ACE puts woodland bradleys and Strikers in game, is it possible this humvee is hidden in there as a desert skin as well?

    My friend found this:

    hiddenselections[] = {"Camo1", "Camo2"};
    hiddenselectionstextures[] = {"\ca\wheeled\hmmwv\data\hmmwv_body_co.paa", "\ca\wheeled\hmmwv\data\hmmwv_parts_1_ca.paa"} ;

    ^ is this how we do that? do we do something with that or are we WAY off on our quest? lol Sorry for stupid question. We just really like humvees and like variety on our server when choosing what to drive.

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    Figured it out. Using .png files and converting them to .paa then putting them in the mission folder and using this setObjectTexture [0,"TextureFileName.paa"]; in the init. line will load the art. For more accuracy and detail. going into the AddOns folder and finding the vehicle you want to color and using cpbo on the vehicle textures gives you a template

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