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Thread: Is there a comprehensive list of the default keyboard commands?

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    Is there a comprehensive list of the default keyboard commands?

    Hi Guys,

    This game is great but it suffers from a major documentation flaw. Whether the manual you get with the game, the BI Wiki or the ACE Wiki, finding simple information is either difficult or impossible.

    I've been watching YouTube videos of tutorials and actual MP gameplay (the 16AA videos are lots of fun). I keep on seeing features (like putting your weapon on 'safety' or examining and treating a wounded soldier) for which I find it impossible to find the proper explanation about how to activate and use it. Even turning on the 'thermal' sight of the nightvision binoculars is impossible to find.

    Has anyone created a list of the default key associations somewhere easy to find?

    Sorry to sound slightly complaining but I believe this game deserves much better documentation to help the learning curve...


    PS and I haven't even gotten into the poor explanations of anything that is not simple mission editing....

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    Did your game not come with a manual?
    read this:

    Arma2 Manual:

    also use the references I had listed in reply to your other post:

    This picture should help you:
    Default keyboard commands
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    Thanks Gunter. Yes, I have the basic manual as I indicated. The thread you point to is 101 pages long, unorganized, so it underscores my point of the lack of a good comprehensive manual.

    The default keyboard is a lot of help, thank you, but it actually looks like it is for Arma. Arma 2 took up most of the same keys but changed, for example, the 'P' key for toggling looking through the sights of the weapon you're holding. This type of keyboard mapping image is definitely what is needed for Arma 2.
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    Its an ok reference, but of course I been playing in the series since the OFP demo so the controls havent changed that much, a new player to the
    series I can see getting lost or overwhelmed, but overall the controls have been basically the same, I personally dont use the defaults, I always customize mine.

    Good way to know what something does is go into the editor, put a soldier down, and then go to controls and test them out and see what they do,
    that should give you some real time feedback on stuff you may not be sure about.
    The thread you point to is 101 pages long, unorganized, so it underscores my point of the lack of a good comprehensive manual.
    are you sure?
    theres 5 posts on that thread, and 2nd to last I posted about 15 links to various manuals and guides.

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    Sorry, yes you're right about the thread. It's one of the thread links in that thread that leads to the 101 pager... Saw your list. It's great. Lots to do in the coming weeks.

    Also, I found some quite good ACE tutorials by SwissMaverick on YouTube. I've been hunting there for tutorials. There are some good ones and there are some poor ones, but at least there are quite a few.

    Again, thank you very much, Günter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Forum Rules
    Is there a comprehensive list of the default keyboard commands?
    A complete list of controls is in the game, in the control options.

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