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Thread: how do i install a scripts

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    how do i install a scripts

    how do i put scripts i got from armaholic into a mission i made in arma 2

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    Hello and welcome to BIS forums.
    Depends on the script as not all script are the same obviously, but it depends on how a script is used or called in the game,
    in general to run a script you normally need to do 2 things:

    1. move the actual script itself into the folder of the mission you wish to use the script in, so in your case it would be along these lines:
    For the SP missions folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\ArmA 2\missions

    for the MP missions folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\ArmA 2\MPmissions

    locate the title of your mission and then just put the script in there.

    2. ingame you need to add a code to the activation line either in a trigger, a game logic, or units and or vehicles,
    again all depends on what the script is and does.

    What script/s are you looking to use?
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    its a arrest and breach script and a holster script and im looking for a checkpoint builder script

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    and a money system and a tazer

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    Type in by subject into search on Armaholic, thats how I found in the previous post. Type money, and then tazer.

    Your original question seems to have veered of course, so the thread and title has turned into something else.

    If you need scripts and addons there is a thread for it, but stick to what you originally asked, i dont mind being a nice guy and helpful,
    but now it seems your just asking others to find stuff for you instead of taking the time to find out for yourself, thats really not accepted here on the forums,
    and Im not being rude, or whatever, just pointing out to you how the forum carries itself.

    Take the time to find and search things for the game, you will find that other ideas for missions come into mind
    when you see whats out there whilst searching.

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    ok thanks for your help

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    wero, welcome to the forums. However, a little word of advice - spend about a month lurking around, reading everything. Go back about 15 pages in every forum reading what has been written, as you will find nearly all of your answers there.

    Search is also your friend

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    If you download a script from Armaholic, most & usually all of the scripts have instruction on how to implement them into the game,
    most will note to move the script to your mission folder, and better yet have a demo with their script.

    For general tutorial on how to install missions be it sp/mp and applies to scripts as well:
    How to import SP/MP Missions into the editor

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