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Thread: US Navy SEALs for CO v2

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    Hi Fruity_Rudy,

    Backpacks are fully working both in vanilla and ACE version , I've tested them on every single unit both in standard game and in ACE , the backpacks are loaded with ammo and explosives, and looking inside the following config you'll see what they have inside, here's the backpack config inside the spoiler :


    and about the medipack I'll try to include it in future update as soon as I'll find the time, nice idea thanks !

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    mh, ok..maybe then i screwed something up in the mission. Cause on the start, pack is empty for me..i'll recheck it..played the mission with 4 guys, all loved em..Great addon..i hope i get it working

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    I found stuff in a packback when I clicked "Open backpack". Until then it looked empty.

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    I'm glad you're enjoying the units, aniway try opening the backpacks like VirtualVikingX said, as all backpacks (also BI ones) work this way for me, just double click on the backpack pics and you'll see new items available on the left side of the items list, or single click on the pack image and then select open backpack and you'll see the content.


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    ah ok..i usually see the content when i join server, but i'll try this way. Thx again for these beautiful addon. Would it be possible to add a medic backpack? Otherwise i could add one by myself, of course only with your permission. But i'll think thats interesting for all of us. I really like the default equipment of these units. Well done m8..rucks look superb. Can't wait to play again when i#m back home at the weekend

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    Update v 2.01

    by massi

    US Navy SEALs for CO v2.01

    Hi all,

    I’ve updated the SEAL pack to version 2.01.
    The package now HAVE SIGNATURES FILES UPDATE to V2 , I’ve added a medic backpack for ACE SEAL medics (only available using ACE optional config), and I’ve corrected some wrong images in backpack inventory pics.

    v2.01 date 22/Apr/2012
    - Added ACE medic backpack for medics, when using ACE config
    - Corrected wrong images of some backpack's inventory pics

    v2.00 date 15/Apr/2012
    - Major update: textures, loadout, new units, ghillie snipers\observer ,config improvements, added several camouflage sets (desert DCU, woodland BDU, full PCU suite, multicam black gear and balaclava), groups improvements, new replacements files, ACE config updated.

    v1.00 date 05/OCT/2010
    - first release

    MEDIC BACKPACK classnames:

    "mas_us_ace_pack_s_med" medical backpack
    "mas_us_ace_pack_s_med_b" medical backpack black

    Hope you’ll enjoy the update, here’s the mirror:


    Best Regards
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    Thanks for informing us about the update mate

    Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.

    Visit | Visit

    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    i got no clue about rucks. Is it possible in editor to place a crate, including all your packs, which are FILLED up with all the items they carry by default?

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    Fruity_Rudy: All backpacks are working and have their stuff inside I've retested them all , if you need to add the backbacks to other units just add them via script, or add them in init line in the editor using their classnames

    kind regards

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    ThankYou very much for the mirror Foxhound as always really appreciated

    best regards

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    Thanks massi Mirror updated:

    US Navy SEALs for CO v2.01 by massi

    Kind regards
    German ArmA News Pages

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