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Thread: Can someone help me with the combination of steam/retail?

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    Can someone help me with the combination of steam/retail?

    Hi my question is how do I combine all the games if my combination is like this.

    Arma 2 retail
    Arma 2 Reinforcements retail

    Operation Arrowhead Steam.

    Also do I need to patch Arma 2 and Reinforcements and if so what are the latest patches?


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    You could copy Arrowhead from steam, over Arma 2 retail folder, using regedit.exe to change arrowheads registry path to arma 2 retail path, then install reinforcements + apply 1.60 patch just in case. Maybe someone knows more simple way.
    If you wan't to know what to edit in registry, ask me in pm.

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    Wow that sounds difficult.

    Is it not possible for me to install reinforcements and when it asks for the file to install it into i go to:

    "computer/programme files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Operation Arrowhead?"

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    I managed to get Combined operations to work without doing anything. I lauched Operation Arrowhead from Steam and it had added Arma 2 and all the campaign missions so all I need is a way to add retail Reinforcements to steam arrowhead.

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