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    Exclamation Community Helicopter Initiative MOD (CHI)

    With Take On Helicopters: Rearmed finally available (in a beta), I'd like to try to get this project going.

    Rearmed broadens the scope of TKOH and Hinds to a very large degree and the hope is to catch the attention
    of players and modders alike for the engine.
    Even though the Arma 3 community alpha is already on the horizon or precisely for that reason
    the engine could serve as a good learning tool and test bed for future endeavors.

    Overall the initiative is to focus on the armed conflict - Hinds, and hopefully other combat choppers,
    to be sent into missions in singleplayer, two crew COOP or multiplayer scenarios with ground and air assets working together.
    That said with a higher popularity and increased modding, we may also see scenarios and systems useful for civilian pilots.

    Now why should you care if you dislike choppers and always crash them as soon as you enter?

    The reason is your buddy and people in your group might be in love with them, and they cannot wait to get a real challenge
    and still be able to join the battlefield alongside with you. Or in other words your world can remain almost the same,
    while your ace pilot will be a happy dude from there on.

    For players the MOD is meant to generate, provide and offer:

    • New scenarios both in SP and MP
    • Upgraded A2/OA missions playable with TKOH choppers
    • Hopefully more challenging and dynamic missions
    • Or even dynamic missions/campaigns focused around combat chopper assignments
    • More realistic and challenging weapon systems
    • More advanced systems for radar, armament and other systems you can think of
    • Tweaks to the FM of existing TKOH choppers
    • Update and improve existing A2/OA choppers to make use of the TKOH FMs and new features

    For modders the MOD is meant to create an open and loose group and at the same time dedicated team to:

    • realize some of the ideas above for players
    • explore and share new insights of modding in the TKOH engine
    • learn about and make use of new scripting commands (like profileNamespace)

    These are some of the ideas I could think of - surely there are plenty more.

    My personal dream would be story-driven/very atmospheric scenarios/campaigns that make use of radio chatter,
    and other assets of old chopper games that are abandonware or where permissions can be obtained for external use.

    Something along the lines of Jane's AH-64D Longbow is what a good friend of mine would love to see.
    While I am personally as (way) less hardcore and like the Comanche series back in the day.

    With that being said this initiative, MOD and new team can only become successful with your participation in one form or another.
    Therefore with this start I'd like to ask about your thoughts as well as your conditions to participate and obstacle that would prevent you to.

    Thank you.

    PS: This is not to become a request thread.
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