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Thread: Russian modern mechanized infantry v. 3.01

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    Russian modern mechanized infantry v. 3.01

    This addon contains Russian Motorized Infantry with brand new equip in 3 variants of camo (Desert, Digital, Woodland).

    Arma 2 OA/Arma 2 RTF (At least v 1.51) + Original Arma 2 (yeah, the green one)
    Will work correctry without any mods, with BAF and PMC, with ACE mod, SLX mod, P85, I44 and CWR 2 (i dunno why you you need these units there but it will work), CAA 1, RWS Soundmod, Blastcore effects, JSRS soundmod, BW Mod, CSLA. Haven't checked with any other mods but it will 99.625% work.

    How to?
    - Place file the files MSV.pbo and msv.pbo.MSV3.01.bisign into your custom Addons folder
    - Place files msv_conf.pbo and msv_conf.pbo.MSV3.01.bisign in the same place if you want units to use default weapons.
    - PlaceMsv_conf_vilas.pbo and msv_conf_vilas.pbo.MSV3.01.bisign in case you want to use weapons from Vilas weapons pack.
    - If you want to replace BIS units by our ones - use the msv_repl... files. WARNING - use only 1 pair of files (.pbo and .bisingn) at once.

    Included files:

    May probably work on vanilla A2, but we haven't tested!

    Credits & Thanks:
    Authors of 3D models and textures:
    - EugenyKrag
    - Gerasimow9
    - Max1048
    - Nik2009
    - Slayer
    - Me
    - And BIS of course!

    Creating version 1.0
    - EugenyKrag
    - Gerasimow9
    - Max1048
    - Nik2009
    - Slayer

    Turning version 1.0 to 3.01
    - EugenyKrag
    - Me
    - SilentHunter
    - Dmitriy8613

    - Modul (in v. 1.0)
    - Ingram (in v. 1.0)
    - EugenyKrag (from v. 2.0)
    - SilentHunter (from v 2.0)

    Consulting: community

    - Ural59
    - Krag
    - ArmaDen
    - NSX
    - EugenyKrag
    - SilenHunter
    - Alexander47
    - Dimanych
    - Me

    - EugenyKrag
    - ArmaDen
    - Dmitriy8613
    - Me

    Special thanks:
    - Hopser
    - CameronMcDonald
    - Gvrmod
    - Metallica!!1111

    People I forgot about

    v 3.015
    - Added vests to distance LODs
    - Reworked scouts
    - Now wounds on legs work properly
    - Fixed errors in view pilot LOD
    - Reduced number of texture sections (now from 4 to 11, not from 6 to

    - Added camo covers to the helmets
    - Reworked medic model
    - Units no longer float about 5 cm off the ground
    - Fixed errors in stringtable
    - Neated up pants and boots
    - Scout medic can heal now
    - Fixed GL bug in Vilas weapons config
    - Added units in ODKB (Desert) camo
    - Added serverkeys and signs
    - Reworked stringtable
    - Replaced SMERSH webbing with remodelled 6Sh92-4 vest
    - Added 6B13S ballistic vests to some units
    - Fixed backpack bugs
    - Added scout units
    - Changed boots
    - Added more LODs
    - Added units with rolled up sleeves
    - Reworked shadows
    - Reduced dirt on textures
    - Added English language

    v3.0 Public beta 2
    - Some minor changes
    - Released on

    - Added OA backpack support
    - Added replacements
    - Added a medic
    - Reworked config (thx to Dmitriy8613)
    - Added wound textures

    v2.0 Public beta (was released only on
    - Added TI maps
    - Added new units
    - Removed 6B13, 6B43, 6Sh92, 6Sh112 vests due to animation bugs
    - Added SMERSH webbing
    - Totally reworked unit models
    - Reduced addon size from 650 Mb to 35 Mb

    v1.5 (Closed Alpha)
    - Fixed animation bugs

    - Initial release

    Download (3.015):
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    First Lieutenant CameronMcDonald's Avatar
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    Melbourne, Australia.
    Nice job. A couple of suggestions:

    - You need to put a low-poly version of the vest on your units lower LODs, or at least paint the texture green where the vest should be. At the moment, the vests are totally disappearing at a distance, which looks mighty odd.

    - Try "Sapper" or "Engineer" rather than "Sapeer".
    - Currently, your units are floating about 5cm off the ground. I would take another look at where the boots join the pants leg, perhaps try to neaten it up a bit (probably a small amount of UV mapping involved) and make the boots touch down.

    Question for you:

    - How many sections in O2 does each model have?

    Keep up the good work and thanks for releasing!
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    Oct 22 2011
    Author of the Thread
    - How many sections in O2 does each model have?
    From 6 to 13.
    A couple of suggestions:
    I'm gonna fire all my testers in shit. Thank you a lot.

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    Nice work TRFS.
    These are way better than my guys.

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    Nice job! Just played around with these guys for about an hour, looking pretty snazzy. Keep up the good work.

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    Nice looking units for sure.

  7. #7 Mirror and News:

    We have also added this release to your personal author profile
    If a release or contact information is missing, feel free to drop a PM, it will then be added.

    And here is the BBCode if you want to add our Mirror to your release post :


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    First Lieutenant CameronMcDonald's Avatar
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    Oct 10 2005
    Melbourne, Australia.
    I won't steal dcvm's thunder too much, but there's a newer version of these out at Armaholic.

    @dcvm - nice job with the legs and distance LODs. I've found another minor bug for you to squish.

    Looks like everyone has got obsolete VOG pouch shadows on the legs. Better knock these off.

    While we're there, would it be possible to give the VOG pouches to the grenadier and team leader (i.e. everyone carrying a GP by default)? Would add a little more variety to the 'strelki.

    Well done once again.

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    Oct 22 2011
    Author of the Thread
    There are already grenade pouches (used for both hand grenades and grenade launchers ammo) on each unit with 6Sh92 vest. They are worn on the pistol belt. About the shadow bug - i missed it because it is not seen on high and very high shadow settings. Sorry for that.

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    I've got a really weird issue with the replacement packs for ACE. The models of the medics, machinegunners and the AT Specialists (RPG-7) aren't replaced. All the other units are being replaced just fine.

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