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Thread: probally a dumb question but i ahve looked long enough lol

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    probally a dumb question but i ahve looked long enough lol

    Is there a good tutorial out there on youtube that in vovles how to texture with the ArmA tools instead of having to upload six diffrent programs ..for the life of me cant find one.
    if there isnt one i would Pay for someone to make one lol

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    What do you mean by texture, and what do you mean by 'upload tools'?

    My inbox is fill and won't be emptied. If your PM is regarding requests to use my work, unfortunately I choose not to grant such permission. My work is for use with CWR2 only.

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    I mean from start to finish on textureing your model,From white to Color.. ..lets say a solider..I was just saying "upload tools" because i haven't seen any vidieo of ArmA2 tools being used for it ..I've got the body done i just do not know how to do the rest.

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    Well, on the most basic level, you require some kind of paint program. Unfortunately, BIS doesn't supply that. For a free paint too that is quite powerful, might I suggest GIMP?
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    i have Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1..Thank god my future father in-law is a teacher

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    Well, to do the diffuse and smdi maps, that's pretty much all you need. You can do a basic normal map with a plugin.

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    Right on but i still have no idea how to do it ..I'm a visual learner..i see something done once i can do it.Presenting the idea.5 and a half months ago i didn't know much about this stuff.I couldn't even tell you how to put a guy on the map in the editor.lol I'm serious. Now I'm teaching my self and getting hints from freinds along the way ,C++, sqf ,and hopefully java.i can pound out a mission on the editor no problem now.I've been really looking into modelling as well .i talked to a friend and downloaded the tools watched the movies for oxygen "all 7" and customized that downloadable unbinirized solider model"Google a mans best friend" .I maid it so it looked like a sweatshirt.i just need to get read of the bumps on the vest and the shadows and put my own in so it makes it look like a sweatshirt.It sounds simple but its not going to be for this first timer lol.

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    yeah every vidieo is 3d max.. lol

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    Well, don't be afraid to ask specific questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    Well, don't be afraid to ask specific questions.
    Ok so i have decided to use Gimp.. seem to let the plugins work a lot better..i just messed around to see i fi could make a bump map and sure did. .. K i took nohq texture off anopther model and converted to grey scale..now i have opened it up in gimp and dont know what to do from there
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