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Thread: Mantas on the island

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    Mantas on the island

    I tried to fly with mantha above the hellipad. Its rear went out and i tried to land. But it doesnt shut down the engines. Is it possible? How does the manta ressuply its energy for flying?

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    Currently Mantas can only refuel and rearm on the carrier. I'm guessing that may change given they're already programmed to '"land" once they get close enough to the ground but where and how is another story. That's what the beta's for I guess!

    Also what helipad are you landing on? Those spawn [enemy] Mantas! That must have been hell to pull off lol.

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    I agree, we need to be able to land in friendly islands.

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    i didnt mean my carrier mantas, but mantas, whitch belongs to island defense. Or they cant be out of fuel?

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