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Thread: Why I love ARMA and its community

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    So me and my clan-mates (*) have gotten back into ARMA after a brief stint hopping other games (Devil worship I know!) and I was saying to the others over TS about why I loved ARMA and its community.
    It's quite simple, It's quite truly friendly!
    I have never experienced any bitchiness or nastiness directly, and when I've witnessed it, other community members always rush to defend the person in question, or just laugh the attacker out of the game, for instance last night, my clan was on a warfare server, and there was another clan on the OPFOR side, it generated a friendly bit of banter and there was even a few messages of, "Ahahahah Nice Find" and "Good Game, Play Again?". It's a level of maturity and friendliness which i feel is yet to be matched elsewhere.

    And then there is the community innovation and sharing, All these missions and gamemodes, the moderators on here and various other forums, people like Sickboy, who spare their own time to create incredible mods, missions and addons to continually change the game. I could literally sit on the game for hours just playing community made missions.

    And then the media that surrounds the game, the reason I bought this game was because I subbed to Richiespeed's channel and watched a load of his videos (Pretty sure he's now on a new Youtube account) and through his videos i found Briggsil, who posted all the videos related to 6th Sense, which was a serious tactical gaming community hosting a mission night every sunday, I joined them, and from there I was hooked.

    I'm not sure if 6thSense are still around, but its those guys who I have to thank, they opened me to whole new world of gaming, a world where I was actually half decent (I suck at games like MW2 and BF3 ) and now I go on with my own community, eagerly awaiting the release of ARMA 3 playing Combined Operations and dabbling in a bit of mission creation (I want to get competent enough to provide the community with a Warfare-esqe gamemode).

    Anyway, I just thought a community like this, coupled with a game like this required a bit of recognition, because its amazing.


    *Bit of shameless promotion , we're recruiting by the way, and operate an open TS for anybody to hop on and join us on.
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    Well said
    Master of testing for a better Arma and well, for science.
    Teach the AI how to drive. Teach AI Tank drivers to turn their front towards the enemy. Give us supression effects for AI . Make AI ragdoll if they get hit. Give us proper animations for throwing Frags. Give us a proper wounding system. Fix the armored vests so that they don´t protect the whole torso. More Civilian assets. Females. Weapon resting. Give us inertia influenced movement depending on the Weapon you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonci87 View Post
    Well said

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    Still put a smile on my face after a boring day at work.
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    Makes me smile that Im not the only one that found this game thanks to Richiespeeds videos

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    dont ever play on arma 2 free servers, especialy life rp ones, bitching, childish behaviour all the time. Actually thank GOD there is arma 2 free out there, it protects us arma 2 combined owners from them.

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    Yeah, when I first heard about ARMA:Free i though ARMA in general was going F2P. Luckily this was not the case and Bohemia made it a seperate project with no integration whatsoever. Pretty sure If Free players were allowed onto normal servers this post would be a different story!
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    Great story, heartfelt, welcome to a real community, that stems back since the OFP Demo!
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    Great sentiment and very true. I discovered OFP in 2002 and have been playing nothing but OFP and Arma ever since. Now that I have a more "modern" system it's like discovering the game all over again. I have tried to get into other games but they just don't have the same feel and immersion that you find in OFP and Arma. I do wish there were more players for regular coop missions but what can you do. My son came over a few weeks ago and watched me play a bit on my new system and he realized the true potential for the game (my old comp was below minimum specs but I still played, low fps and all). He was so impressed he quit playing his other games and bought all he needed to play Arma. I helped him set up SU and got him started and now it is all he plays. The best part is he plays the game with his "old man" and the more he plays and discovers the more he loves it. He tried flying a falcon for the first time in a mission on our server using a mouse and keyboard and shot down 5 planes on his second run at it. He was definitely hooked then.

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