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Thread: Vehicle ACE compatibility

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    Vehicle ACE compatibility

    Please excuse me if this subject has been covered in another thread but as long as I'm searching about it I'm getting more confused ...

    So ... my basic question is ... I have a newly created vehicle (armored car) and I don't know how to make it be compatible with ACE ... is anyone able to help me on that ?

    I suppose that some entries into my config will do this but I'm totally lost so I'm asking your help.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. note that my intention is to make the vehicle ACE compatible but not dependent ... (I mean that the vehicle must be available also to anyone who is not using ACE).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeno View Post
    Use XEH (CBA) and for ACE specific config entries check


    I'm already using the CBA for ACE but I'm still confused about these config entries ... anyway I'll have (for one more time) a better look on ACE documentation but please consider that it will be easier for all addon makers if there was just a clear post with specific values have to be added into configs according vehicle types (Tank - Car - etc).


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    Seems like the place to ask would be the ACE thread at any rate. Thank you

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