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Thread: How to define bullet impact effect on a surface?

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    How to define bullet impact effect on a surface?

    Does anyone know, how to define bullet impact effect for metal surface (or any other - glass, wood etc) on an addon (vehicle)? The default impact effect seems to be dirt (or ground). Does it have to do anything with the materials (rvmats), bisurf files (physical properties), configs? Could not find any information on this topic (maybe I'm searching the wrong keywords). If anyone could point me to the right direction, would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    You must assign the surface of the model in the fireLOD different rvmats that reference different bisurf files.


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    Tried that, seems to be not working for me. Could be some issue with the Geometry objects... gonna try figure it out.
    Thanks for the reply.

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    Make sure they are all convex and you have 'found components'.

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    Yes, works like charm!
    Thanks a million MaxPower.
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    I am still getting 'dirt' impact hits when I shoot my aircraft with a M-16A4, but if I shoot it with a .50 cal I get 'metal' impact. My geometry LOD's are all convex and in found components and I also set material .rvmats to my Fire Geometry LOD. I am using these metal .rvmats



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