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Thread: Using Hinds from another user account

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    Using Hinds from another user account

    I am trying to use the Hinds DLC from another user account on my computer. While Take On Helicopters works fine, the Hinds DLC is not available from the "Expansion" menu. Do I need to install the Hinds DLC from the second account, or did I do something wrong when I installed Hinds the first time?
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    Anyone? I use this second account when shooting "tech demos" so I don't screw up my regular Eclipse install, but having TOH not be the same as in my regular user account is a bit of a problem. I suspect a registry issue as none of the expansions listed in my regular account show up in the second account. For example in my primary user account has the following in the expansion menu:
    • Take on Hinds (listed twice)
    • Jedra's Time Trials
    • Jedra's Taxi
    • A blank entry (can't select it so I have no idea what it is)
    • JRE

    But when I start TOH from the second user account the expansion menu is empty.

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    Well I'd try to export the TKOH registry entries from the one user and apply it for the second acc.

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    Sadly, that did not work and I'm hesitant to do much more mucking around in the registry. Screwing up something that requires a Windows re-install to fix is NOT an option on this machine. The next time I need Hinds I'll try installing it from the second account and see if that fixes anything.

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