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Thread: Video Games: Best Music and Original Soundtracks

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    check my Warhawk playlist on youtube. -->HERE<--

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    C&C sountracks , Quake 1/2 , Return to Castle Wolfenstein , Mafia 1/2 , all Hitman , Deus EX 1 , Deus Ex HR , Killzone 3 , all MGS , all Uncharted and new Batmans has pretty good music too
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    Recoil OST
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    Bad Company 2
    Mass Effect series (some of it is synthed garbage but the melody is nice). 3 would be my favourite.
    Call of Duty 4 (ONLY!)

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    NGEN Racing for PS1

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    Homeworld 1&2 simply mind-blowing music,check these samples:
    I was also impressed with Jesper Kyd work(Hitman series,Freedom Fighters).Syberia 1&2 and Deus Ex 1 had also very atmospheric soundtracks.

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    Anything 8-bitty tickles my joy center, always turning down music since 1GHz PC

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    Fallout / Fallout 2 (I have a weakness for post-apo stuff, the same goes for the music)
    One Must Fall 2097
    Heroes of Might and Magic 2
    Die Hard Trilogy (game)
    Hidden and Dangerous (especially the main theme of the original, not the deluxe version, too bad it's soo god damn short)

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    Monkey Island 1 + 2


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    For old time's sake: MechWarrior 2 / MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries.

    Also the piano music in The Sims "build mode".
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