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Thread: Black Hawk Down (Old project)

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    Black Hawk Down (Old project)

    This mission dedicated to all who still play OFP and cant wait for my my projects (Bloody Island and Guardian Angel)
    This mission was created in 2008 and it is one of my oldest project witch a never want release! So dont expect any miraclesas and enjoy mission as best you can!


    Requier addons

    BAS Rangers
    African militia Pack
    JAM 2
    UWAR grass
    Editor upgrades are included!

    Some screenshots:
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    Jan Cepera

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    Thank you for warning !

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    Well Jan...You suprised me. I thought that new release will be Blood Island :P

    I played it. So here's what I spotted:
    -Mission is lagging. Terrible to be honest. Placing all objects in You own hand was nice but ofp missions don't like this way... to reduce lag it will be good to use wrp tool and place buildings one by one on Nogova. It will reduce lag 50% maybe more. (during my tests with conspiracy by Sled88 I discover almost 70% more FPS when objects are placed in wrp than editor )
    -Mission is insane! Hard like hell is not enough. Lag+lot of enemies = very often dead of player. You did a lof ot enemies in strategic points. It's really nice I thought I was in Somalia
    -Too much enemies with rpd,pkm. In real fight most of them should use Akm,ak47,ak47 folded etc. And it will be nice to add blackhawk above the city
    -Great scenery. I really enjoyed trip to outskirts. Then I spotted band of rebels and ...cavalry is here :d really nice. I enjoyed fight near crashed blackhawk too.
    -I spotted bug after that BH fight. Hint says "Find convoy" and new waypoints is showing. I discovered I must go through block and use balcony to jump out... but we can't cause wall near balcony is *&*$%^$%. I used acceleration x4 to be like ghost but it should be fixed
    -Save point - One is not enough. You should make few save via radio
    -End of mission... whut? I go to one of wall and then...mission ended...Don't understand it to be honest. It's a bug?

    Conclusion - Thank You - another once You showed us that is possible to make nice mission with few addons and clima will be still awesome. I hope You will make new version with fixed bugs I also converted it to coop mission to 3 players so I had great fun with my buddies.


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    Thank you for your opinion Bielow! I thought it would be lagging. This mission was the MP version that I previously created for my friend with MP player version wasnt a bad choice. As I was saying. Bugs is there enough! I just hope that you survived in good health and enjoyed my mission! And you say how many objects is not the right choice
    Chooper the city would raise a lot more bugs, but I was thinking about it do not worry
    Excuse me for the wrong end: p There are triggers with normal end and i dont know how you did it that those that akhle ended: (( Try mission again if you want: D)

    On Bloody Island we are still working! Just be patience please! It Will Be One of my best project ever!

    I just release this mission for fun! and i dont know if I have time for a remake of this mission. (F ***** University: () And what about your activity OFP?

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    It was few moments when it was real hell :d mission like I wrote earlier it's very nice. Did You thought about adding script's to remove dead bodies and to force small viewdistance a'la fog? It will speed up mission a bit. I actually spotted that mission should end near convoy of hummers I fixed that part for myself.
    Thanks once again for Your time! I really appreciate it

    About my activity hmmm.. now I can sleep 36min longer per day than normal it's really good news to me . Thanks for asking.But still my free time is very limited. But I'm still trying to be around.

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    Always I try to start the game I get this error:


    When already in game:


    Trying to start the mission:


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    You mis BAS addons my friend, still working links in first post. Amazing for a 2 1/2 year old thread. And when you are on it, get all requiered addons.

    I'm Norwegian, what's your excuse?

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