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Thread: [WW4 EXT] [SP] By Zulu1

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    [WW4 EXT] [SP] Missions By Zulu1

    I am releasing these two missions as is.
    I lost interest in working on them for now.
    They are fun to play and should provide a lot of action.
    They have objectives, briefings and ends should work.

    1.) ww4_noe_fight.Noe
    -CreateSquad script by Backoff & DeaDMeaT
    -CAS script by BAS
    -TransportBox script by MadMax
    -HeliTransport script by Scumball
    -other scripting by me.

    2.) ww4_arctic_battlefield.KEGnoecain_snow
    -Random patrol scripts by xcess and ])rStrangelove

    They are made for ww4mod2.5 (patch1 required)

    and Kenoxites WW4_EXT and Non bundled 3rd party addons

    and Mission #2 requires Kenoxites WW4_Ext_Arctic module

    plus a couple of addons I've included in missions file
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    Both these missions are pretty hardcore, and some nice transport options, that work well and are easy to use. I was very unlucky to not complete either of them, but still some great battles. I'll give them another try at some point.

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