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Thread: "Upotte!!": An anime about assault rifles as schoolgirls. Take our challenge!

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    I'm reading into it and it's weird. Funny but weird. I has good moment though. You know this game where everyone have ballon and loosing it means you're out? Those schoolgirls play it as well. Just with real guns and live ammo. Fourteen: "Brats, you're not only ones that can use fullauto!" <sprays bullets just about everywhere>. Oh and teachers, professor Garand and headmaster Springfield?

    But I still don't seem to understand black T-Back joke.
    Indecent techniques and full auto sniping. It just got weirder
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celery View Post
    Vocaloids may not be impressive versus real singing, but they have inspired creative people to spawn some amazing content:

    dafaq did I just watch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celery View Post
    Jesus guys, if just random japanese videos make you react like that, you need to spend more time on the internet...
    I've spent enough time on 4chan that the usual stuff doesn't have an effect on me anymore. But this...
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    Guys... dont read to much into anime... it will only stress you out... About upotte in particular, think of it as a parody or something about guns in general... like how L85 (the gun) got a horrendous reliability problem... and in the anime L/eru seems like a goofy kid that seems dont know what to do... and it the first episode, I think there's something like Ichiroku (the character 16) loves cleaning so much... maybe referring to the m16 series that requires constant cleaning or something... maybe it refer to something else... or nothing at all. Peace

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    Funko (FNC): "Where's L?"
    Sig (SG550): "She broke her firing pin during first period. She's in the infirmary now"
    Funko: "How did she break THAT!?"

    I've tried to watch this, ultimately decided to just to keep reading original. It's better for the mind. And ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by one_man_clan View Post

    Btw, Rurouni Kenshin is best anime ever
    Hells bells, yes!

    (Hellsing's good, too.)
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    I just watched the first two episodes of Upotte....this was wrong on so many levels.....
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    Episode1 in a nutshell

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    That's beautiful.

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