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Thread: NVIDIA ISSUES / Beta is Broken...

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    When ever I have issues like this with my ATI card I am always told to get a Nvidia, so I am tempted.

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    A solutionq!

    Ok I had the same issue last night, and I know how to fix it!

    When I started first it looked ok, but was a bit shuddery so I started to play with my graphiocs settings. Eventually I decided not to bother, but I moved the Nvidia "Adjust performance Options" slider from "best performance" to the middle setting.

    Then I opened the game and everything was as you describe. Reinstall, nothing.

    Then I moved the slider back to best performance. Presto, issue gone!

    I don't know what specificity is adjusted by that slider that causes this, but settingyour graphics settings to best performance in that slider will cause you to be able to play the game.

    I submitted a ticket about this last night. it really is an issue that needs to be addressed prior to launch so its good we all caught it.

    What a first post eh?

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