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Thread: Manta hook orders?

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    I spent 5 minutes today trying to get a Manta to drop off a hooked Walrus. While I was stuffing aorund with it, the enemy carrier attacked my island :-(

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    It does make it much easier to cap island even with the speed loss, although you can recoup some power on the manta by droping the armor off the one your useing to carry with. i'd be for makeing it a little cheaper but not by that much personnly. might make it to easy when caping things, i use them alot on islands useing jammers since i can generaly just sit the carrer right off the coast from the command center snipe the jammer at it and then fly in a walrus with out haveing to deal with the rest of the island.

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    There HAS to be an automatic function as well for this, BI. Please include it
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    Here is an issue I posted on the Feedback tracker relating to the Manta Hook.

    Enemy units NOT attacking walrus after it has been dropped into enemy island.

    The reproducibility of this issue should now be set to ALWAYS (vs. "sometimes").

    I've had this issue 3 separate times, on 3 separate islands (so where it happens
    is not an issue).

    Steps to reproduce: Just drop a walrus (with a hack pod & may also work without
    hack pod but i have not tried) from a Manta onto an enemy occupied island. The
    enemy will not engage it and you can just drive around and hack everything
    unimpeded. You can even shoot stuff and they will not shoot back - ever.

    This is MAJOR glitch that I feel should be addressed A.S.A.P.

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    JM0N is right, it does happen. Walrus dropped by Manta Hook isn't targeted by enemy units. The dropping Manta is, of course.

    Also - once a Manta has dropped a Walrus - it cannot, as far as I am aware, and to the best of my testing, pick up another unit. Not even the originally dropped off one. Docking them, swapping Hooks between Mantas, makes no difference as far as I can tell. Hook seems to be a one-way ticket.

    I am curious as to wether this ties in to the Abandoned Walrus thing. Presumably the AI keeps track of vehicles, but as soon as one is "taken over" by another part of the AI - I think something gets lost, and so the units concerned drop off. What I mean is that Walruses controlled by enemy carrier, and then abandoned, no longer have a "parent" for the AI to assign them to, and so they are essentially non-existant. Same thing with the AI picking up your Walruses while carried on a Manta hook. It see's the Manta, but when the hook is released, it no longer sees the "parent" and so the Walrus is not picked up by the enemy AI.

    Sorry for the messy post. I hope you know what I mean. It's been a long night!

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    I have never found picking up walrus a problem. I have even picked up one then gone back for each of the others and never had a single problem.

    I too found out hard way with afterburners, points you straight at the ground at full speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by JM0N View Post
    Enemy units NOT attacking walrus after it has been dropped into enemy island.
    Oh hey it DOES make something (effectively) invulnerable! I was joking about that above...heh.

    I'll have to try that out before it gets fixed...

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