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Thread: Why is everything on my screen so small!?!?

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    Why is everything on my screen so small!?!?

    I'm going to try to explain this as best as I can. I play arma on the max screen resolution (1366 x 768x 32) with custom aspect ratio and the same 3d resolution as the screen. I was recently playing on a zombie server and was lagging a lot so I changed my screen resolution down to 1024 x 768x 22 and everything on the screen got really small (menus, chat, indicators) So I switched it back to the 1366 version but everything still looks really small or like it's zoomed out. I've messed with all of the settings and even reset the game but it still won't go back to the "full screen" way it was before. How can I fix this? This is what I mean: and this Sorry if you can't really tell from the pictures of what I mean but this is the best way I can think of to explain this...

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    Interface size
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    what about it? I've messed with it for a while now and it still looks the same

    EDIT: Wait how do I access that? (I thought you meant interface resolution)

    EDIT: wait wait you may have solved my dilema
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    It's one of the options, it's right there in the pic actually...does it work now?

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