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    GAM TimeXleration

    GAM TimeXleration

    by Gamma


    Allows to accelerate the in-game daytime maintaining the rest of the simulation normal "speed" intact.
    Mimics time acceleration found in GTA series and others.

    Script comes in two versions, as a mission addon which you can configure in your missions init or as a game addon providing a menu for easy run-time set up.
    Currently there's two settings:
    - Factor by which time is to be accelerated
    - Updates per second

    Access the menu options by pressing "5" followed by "9"
    1 - Toggle TimeXleration *
    2 - Acceleration (+20)
    3 - Acceleration (-20)
    4 - Update Rate + (doubles the rate)
    5 - Update Rate - (halves the rate)
    6 - Reset

    * Defaults to 60 times normal acceleration, 1 minute gameplay = 1 in-game hour
    at ~33,3 updates per second, this gives the best smoothness experience
    there is no point in increasing this value since difference won't be noticed
    lower values result in sudden repositioning of sun and clouds movement
    but might be a useful if this script load interferes with other ones

    ** includes signature keys

    Check included readme file.

    • Arma 2 (any version)
    • signature keys are included but a multiplayer environment as not been tested, and this is just that type of think that is prone to break on this regard


    • Add the possibility to compress nightime for another factor (soon)

    (Some bugs might turn up, if you bump into one just post your finding.
    This and other suggestions are very welcome.)


    (for those who have tried this before, this is the same version as published in the other thread, but soon enough there will be more to play with
    minor update: just clearing credits with CarlGustaffa for inclusion of one of his scripts)

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