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Thread: Walls and constructed buildings on radar?

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    Walls and constructed buildings on radar?

    A couple of people have wondered this and I was wondering why Hesco walls ect. show on radar it's really annoying for our style of play and is there a way to only show vehicles on the radar.

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    Try irTarget = 0;

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    Does that remove everything? or just static weapons/walls/fortifications ect.

    Becuase what this is in realtion to is warfare. It's too easy to find bases when all you have to do is look for the grey clump of walls and statics?

    Any help would be apriciated.

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    Well you need to define it for the respective class tree.
    So probably for:
    class StaticWeapon: LandVehicle
    class Fort_StoneWall_EP1: House_EP1
    class Land_HBarrier_large: NonStrategic
    class Land_fort_bagfence_corner: House
    class Base_WarfareBBarrier5x: House
    class Warfare_HQ_base_unfolded: House
    class Concrete_Wall_EP1: NonStrategic

    Or you go the other way round and disable it for everything, and enable it again for those types you want it.

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