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Thread: Deleting exported single-player missions?

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    Deleting exported single-player missions?

    Hey everyone, I'm quite new to ArmA as I started playing it last week. Then I started playing with the mission editor and so it goes on. But at one point I made a mission that didn't really work well, and I had alredy exported it to "Scenarios". I found no delete button so I exited the game and had a look in the "Program files" folder and the documents folder. I deleted all files I saw referring to the mission I just made, but when I got back in the game it was still there, but now unplayable (saying "No player was selected!"). I did a full uninstall and even deleted the setup files I downloaded from arma2.com (ArmA 2 FREE, yeah, I'm a freebie), just to be sure I didn't leave anything there. After the reinstall and update 1.11 had been applied I could still see my missions there, AND my old profiles, but the missions didn't work and the profiles were all on default settings!

    It may be an answer somewhere in the forums, but I haven't got the time to search for it...

    Do anyone have any solution for this problem, apart from throwing the HDD out the window and fitting a new one?

    Apart from that, after playing just a few days, I have decided to buy every ArmA game that is released from this day, they're brilliant!

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    Ok, it's fixed!!!

    To anyone who have the same problem, you have to just delete the mission files in the folders, and then run ArmA as an ADMIN!
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    Great job, I'd like to add to this in case some new folks are having issues with finding files, folder, etc, with using the editor.

    I have a tutorial that I created that should help:

    Link-->How to import SP/MP Missions into the editor

    The tutorial talks about:
    -importing missions
    -exporting missions
    -finding mission folders/files
    -opening pbo files
    -tools you can use to open pbo files

    hope that helps.
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