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Thread: [SP/A2CO] En Route (v3.3) by Mad_Cheese

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    [SP/A2CO] En Route (v3.4) by Mad_Cheese



    An unexpected situation unfolds as Cpt. W. Sobchak and his convoy make their way to Zargabad Airfield.


    - Played as a US-Army mechanized infantry squad
    - Weapon selection in Briefing
    - AI convoy movement controlled by Unitplay for a realistic feel
    - Optional Teamswitch/Advanced Heal
    - Custom sounds and music (OST & some scores by myself)
    - Simple Battlescreams
    - AI support during mission
    - A bit of customized AI behaviour
    - Destroyed vehicles have custom smoke-model
    - 2 Hidden Secondary Tasks
    - Player's squad will be reinforced if numbers are low
    - Relatively performance friendly (for Zargabad Standards) through spawning & deleting of objects
    - Unlimited SaveGame (0-0-0)
    - Cinema

    Changelog 3.4:

    - Full Voiceacting (Voices by Rejenorst & 1 by myself)
    - Ace Features implemented (CLU's and Earplugs added, Earplug trigger credit goes to SaOk)
    - All tasks are improved and adjusted, Final task has a new twist now.
    - AI behaviour is adjusted
    - Bugfix: Player will no longer get stuck at Crossroad task
    - Bugfix: Cutscene and Mission success will no longer occur if player dies
    - Tons of small tweaks and fixes

    Known Issues:

    - JTD Fire & Smoke Mod will badly effect mission gameplay and is not needed because of custom smoke-template.
    - ACE will make last task very difficut but still beatable -> also causes the "stuck AI" bug sometimes. use teamswitch mode!


    - Upsmon script by Monsada & Kronsky
    - Music: OST of 300, Jarhead, Full Metal Jacket. Additional music produced by myself, all music edited by myself.
    - Soundfiles borrowed from COD and... The Taliban
    - Airfield Fortification borrowed from "The Battle Of Zargabad" by SaOk


    I have been working on this mission for about a year now and decided to make it my first release. The filesize of 25mb is due to all the custom music.
    Thanks to SaOk, SavedByGrace, Denz and Undeceived over at OFPEC!
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    Great mission, I recommend to play this one.

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    Great mission, very well done, no bugs found.

    Defend airfield is too easy and too short (i didn't use artillery support), an enemy infantery wave after ?

    Forza Dominique Fidanza

    Arma3 development : blah, blah, blah. do not count this as promise.

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    Thanks guys! I'm very glad to hear that.

    I will make the 'Defend Airfield' task longer and more complex for the next update. Voice acting is also on my list.

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    Looking good, will give it a try ASAP! Thanks for sharing
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    Really cool Mission with great Atmosphere! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great mission with non stop action and great atmosphere, nice music and cutscenes, many tasks.
    1 possible bug: task Debrief dont have green square after i finish that objective.
    And mission dont have green square in sp scenario menu after we finish it. (commands activatekey, donekey). But that nothing big. Great work, thanks for this mission.

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    Thanks for the nice comments guys! I am really happy people are playing the mission now. And thanks Blondak for adding my profile!

    Update with Voice-Acting is in the works. @Tom3kb, there is a small bug in the task you are talking about, good that you brought that up. Will fix that in the update.

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