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Thread: Have you signed up? Get your name in lights!

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    Signed up and loving every minute of it!

    Way to go Bohemia!

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    I was on the fence about getting it but I like the concept and got it anyway. Some stuff I heard about the game bums me out but I'll just play it and see anyway. Patches and mods should make it great.

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    Currently 590 P&C members of which 222 have gone P&C Supporter. Keep em coming !

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    Heard about this remake 15 minutes ago, paid up as a 'Play and Contribute' member 10 minutes ago, started downloading it 9 miunutes ago

    Carrier Command was my absolutely favourite game from way back when I had a ''cutting edge'' Amiga 500 :-) I've always wanted to see a remake, but I never thought it possible.

    I'm so glad that serious and successful developers like BI have taken this on. I am genuinely excited to be a supporter.

    88% download completed...

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    Picked it up last night. Actually VERY FUN!!! really hope MP makes its way in eventually

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    It is very fun. For only being a beta, it seems like it is nearly finished! Great job, Bohemia!
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    Great game, 360 controller intergration is great. Looking forward to further developments.

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    Makes me remember all the hours I lost playing the original game when I should have been revising for my GCSEs. Love it. Agree, the 360 controller integration is A1.
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