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Thread: Installation Size and Multithreading

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    Installation Size and Multithreading

    In the specs it says 5Gb install size.

    Is this all that is needed, or is any extra space required for decompression / temp / stuff?

    I'm hoping to make a 5Gb RAMdrive to install this baby on - need to make sure it's big enough.

    Is the engine mostly IO or CPU or Video bound? I can't alter the specs of my laptop, and I really want to get it running as smooth as possible. How tweakable is it? Is it Largeaddress aware? Will it use RAM above 4Gb? Is it fully multi-threaded for 4 hyperthreading cores?

    Will my 2Gb 5850 (only ddr3) burn up and die?

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    download size is 1.5GB (source: here)

    no idea if that's uncompressed or not, nor the full file size if it is.

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    No way that is full size. That is pure Beta size only.

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    Im pretty sure the minimum/recommended specs stated would be for the beta only, a lot can happen between now and September

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    Aye, I'm pretty sure the file size is beta only.

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    5GB is an estimated for installed full version
    1,3Gb is setup/download file size
    1,8GB is beta install filesize
    Executive Producer

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    Will the beta allow multiple installations from a single S/N?

    I have 4 or 5 different systems I'd like to test this out on, various CPU / Video combos.

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