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Thread: Using ARMA to improve English Language proficiency

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    Using ARMA to improve English Language proficiency

    Question: Would folks at Bohemia have any ideas on how my firm might use ARMA in a networked setup to help a group of students become more proficient in English (they are non-native English speakers) while immersing themselves in the game? My idea is to have the students work together to both improve their English and enhance their ability to work as a team. Can we use ARMA to accomplish these goals? Thank you for your help.

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    LOL. Figure it out yourself. If you are part of an English teaching class then it is your responsiblitily to teach English. It is your job to think that playing ARMA might improve the understanding of th eEnglish language.
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    Your firm aka your company? I guess BIS will have problems with this approach since Arma is an entertainment product and not intended to be used by companys.
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    I can see what he means. Groups of players in a map all with team speak or von interacting with the environment and trying to communicate in English. Spontaneous learning as thoughts and situations will occur that wouldn't ordinarily arrise in the classroom. It would work to a certain extent but maps, dialogues and actions would have to be made to make it a more civilian experience. I think it's a good idea, can we have them in an array of languages please. We have buildings, transport, markets and discos. Shopping and restaurants need work and some better bathrooms and toilets please lol. They will need a warfare version where you buy groceries not guns and tanks. Bit Sim Cityish but some of the addons are halfway there. If they buy a copy of the game per computer like any other software what's the harm? Another area of diversification BIS?

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    I did hear that VBS2 gets some use in the civilian populace, but that's mostly for civil protection and the likes. Bit pricey for a casual teaching user...
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    I guess you can go in the editor and create some missions. Have them go around and communicate with each other on teamspeak and reporting enemies by degrees and stuff like that in english. Maybe have them each be a specific role or something while speaking in english?
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    BIS won't take care of your ideas since their role is far away from your own goals... anyways, if you want to give this wargame flavour to your classes, just prepare your lessons around some gathering intel mission including some chat with IAs, thus you can test vocabulary and even grammar at some point, if you use human witnesses as suspicious targets... tu idea está simpática pero acá suena como medio jugosa ¿no crees?

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    Well, if I ever meet an ESL speaker who tells me "SIX, move TO, THAT, car", i'll know what class he graduated
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