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Thread: bin\config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadow Problem Please Help Me Out

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    Try to add this to your startup line again:
    "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 2;EXPANSION;ca"

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    I am not trying to hijack this thread, as I figured it'd just be better to post my issue here as to consolidate information to try to get this resolved as best as possible.

    Below is a screenshot of the issue upon launching ARMA 2 OA by itself, similar to the OP's problem:


    Below is what happens after the "OK" button has been pressed,:

    It continues to load:

    The game starts up, the screen turns black, and then it says:

    I've done the following to try to remedy the situation:

    0: Run Arma 2 as Admin
    1: Deleted BAF
    2: Deleted PMC
    3: Run Steam As Admin
    4: Run the game from Steam's folder as Admin
    5: Re-Install Arma OA

    Here is my DX Diag, in case that'll help:


    If anyone can assist myself and the OP to get this situation resolved, we BOTH would greatly appreciate it, because I, and I'm sure he as well, cannot figure out what's stopping us from enjoying such an amazing game.


    I've uninstalled PMC, and installed the Beta Patch, will report as to how that affects the situation.

    Installing the BETA patch, and running the following command:


    does not help the situation any further. Another error message pops up, this time it says:


    Upon first load (with BETA Patch enabled). And after I select "OK", it then says:



    Will try installing all Direct X's...

    Yeah, that didn't work either. I'm stumped.

    I'm going to uninstall STEAM... And then RE-Install Arma 2, launch it, then Arma 2 OA, launch it, then install BAF, launch it, then install PMC, and launch it.

    Wish me luck..... Hopefully I'm going through all this so anyone else that uses the search function will be able to locate the fix for this issue, and see the steps that it took to get to it.

    Maybe it'll help out for development in the future, who knows.

    If I'm breaking any rules, just delete my post and pretend I don't exist.

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    OP, my advice to you is to uninstall EVERYTHING, STEAM, ARMA, EVERYTHING, COMPLETELY!!!!

    Get RevoUninstaller to remove all that, and remove every single trace of Steam and Arma from your registry.

    Install steam.

    Install Arma 2 - Then Run It

    Install OA - THEN RUN IT (error should come up again)

    Install BAF - DO NOT RUN IT

    Install PMC - DO NOT RUN IT


    While STEAM is loading, on your desktop, double click the sh india tango out of the OA icon...


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    thanks PVPScene It worked! thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPscene View Post
    Try to add this to your startup line again:
    "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 2;EXPANSION;ca"
    Helped to the shader problems, thank You. Now, however, I have "bad serial number given in setup", launching in admin mode from steam. I could register it somewhere (steam directs me to homepage of armaII and there is serial key in steam but tried "buy" option etc, where to register ? Or what to do ?)...

    Also, bought the armaII+operation arrowhead packet ("arma II co") yesterday, I've done nothing but this one fix done so far. (also pointing another error-thread to this one, since it is relevant and this solution worked-kind of)

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm struggling with the same issue, I'm not big on PC gaming, so I don't know how common it is to not be able to play a game after buying it.. I get the same error message, followed by the pixelshader message. I followed the RPT instructions, didn't work..then ran it as combined ops and it worked. Downloading DayZ, hopefully that doesn't cause more problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fondaflyer View Post
    I get the same error message, followed by the pixelshader message. I followed the RPT instructions, didn't work..then ran it as combined ops and it worked. Downloading DayZ, hopefully that doesn't cause more problems.
    I sent a support request to bohemia interactive on how to set serial key so operation arrowhead would work. I got the shader-errors fixed by RPT's instructions, but got "Bad serial number given in setup"-error then on arrowhead (Arma II works). Let's see how well support works...

    Also, if You have nvidia card, check the compatibility from nvidia-program to arma II (I set the suggested shadow'ing options from arma II's options, might be part why the shader-error doesn't occur any more). Compatibility of my card is "fair" and suggested to disable some shader options.
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    Im so lost. Im not a big pc gamer. I play minecraft and thats really it. I download Arma combined operations, and operation arrowhead isnt working. Im getting the same error messages. So I found this thread but im not really sure on what Im doing, so if someone could walk me through how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    No Entry bin/ Pixel shader error when i run my ARMA 2 Operation arrowhead

    I always seem to get no entry bin when i first launch operation arrowhead then i get pixel shader error after it opens and then it closes and i dont know what to do please assist; i also think its kind of annoying i spend 30$ on a new game to figure out its not going to work.

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    That helped me on the shader issue. You just put the sentence (quotation marks and everything) in advanced-part when running the game from steam. So, right-click the game in steam, lowest selection "properties" then "set launch options" and paste that whole thing (startup line) there.

    The "bad serial key during installation" went away by itself in few days - propably it took some time for steam to move the money or verify transfer to armaII... Also I sent a suppoert-request with link to this post but I am not sure if it had anything to do with it being solved.
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