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Thread: Problem with Creating PBO

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    Problem with Creating PBO

    I've spent about a month on reworking the model of an addon I'm creating and am not able to create a PBO. Since I've been done with the looks of the model (pt101_mule.p3d); there are no textures yet; from oxygen 2, I started working on the model.cfg and config.cpp. I took the original model.cfg and config.cpp that I started to create from the older model of the MULE I created that worked with putting the addon in game, but the model.cfg did not work. (The model.cfg still doesn't work) Now I'm trying to put this new model in the game, so I'm using BinPBO to pack the new model and config files to put in game, but it's not working. Isn't the BinPBO suppose to take all the files in the given folder i.e. .p3d, model.cfg and config.cpp and create a pbo with all them in it? If so it's not doing that, the pbo that is created only has a config.bin file in it and some sort of prefix file, but no .p3d, model.cfg, and config.cpp files are in the pbo file.

    Here's a link for the download of the .log file created.

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    Have you tried something else, like cPBO?

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    After going back through the model itself and simplifying it more in oxygen 2, (Took out unnecessary lods and details,) I was able to get it to work with BinPBO, and see the model show up in-game.

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