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Thread: ARMA 2 compatibility with VR Headsets and head tracking systems

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    ARMA 2 compatibility with VR Headsets and head tracking systems

    So I've enjoyed ARMA 2 on and off for several years now in between playing other games, but, I suspect, like most of you I always end up coming back to it and thinking why did I ever bother playing anything else in the first place. I'm interested to find out by those who've tried the various 3D headsets / monitor glasses / LCD goggles (whatever you want to call them), whether in combination with head tracking systems or not, what your experiences are like, and whether they're worth investing in. I'd love to get a VR experience out of ARMA 2, and the eyewear is quite appealing but I want to know if it actually works or not. So really if you use any of these regularly I'd like to know why would you recommend it, and what sort of PC spec would I need to get the most out of it.

    I couldn't find a relevant post to answer my query using the search functionality but if you're better at searching then I or you know a similar thread, if you could post the link that would be just fine too.


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    I've heard good things said about using TrackIR with Arma 2, if you want the next level of immersion that's probably the thing to try.

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    don't know about vuzix support, but i suppose there is no problem , expect the low resolution (852x480) of their 1200vr headset.
    but yes, it would be the ultimate toy for sims. maybe the sony oled headset could do the job ? anyone ?

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    Gonk has got the new Sony one - thread here

    I have the Vuzix 920 VR - bought it back in 2008. I picked it up new on ebay for £150. I have to say, there are pros and cons with this particular model (which isn't even produced anymore) as well as the whole idea:

    Pretty cool things
    Quite comfortable and light
    You can still see the keyboard if you look down
    Works well with Glovepie
    When everything does just work, and you're still comfortable, and you are flying a helicopter with a joystick and surround sound, and you're looking down at your feet and at the land all around you - it is amazing, and truly immersive. [/B]

    Darn nasty things
    It gets really hot at the front
    Makes you look like a plank to anyone else who's around
    The screen isn't fantastic resolution
    The screen is quite low quality and low contrast
    The gyro head tracking movement is utter sh*te and has never worked properly as long as I've had it
    Becomes uncomfortable to look at the screen in about 30 mins

    If I can try it before buying, and it's good, I think I would get the new Sony one. As long as it works well with head tracking, it must be very good...

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    you can try something with facetracknoir if you have a webcam.
    Arma 3 is a twitchshooter
    Needs more rainbow six 1-3

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