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Thread: How to set up arma cwc server?

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    How to set up arma cwc server?


    I'd like to turn my unused pc into an Arma CWC sever however I don't know anything (at all) about how to set one up.

    Can someone please explain to me (as if im 2yrs old how to set up a server? I'd really appreciate it and you'd get pw admin access!

    Thanks in advance.
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    no responses... this is another great reason people don't care for the arma series.... pathetic bohemia.

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    Forums search engine and Google are your friends...

    On the other hand if you are as smart as 2 year old, these links won't help you:

    Operation Flashpoint dedicated server: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Operation_Flashpointedicated_Server

    Link about WGL5.1 mod server setup, but this might also be useful for regular server: http://www.apollon-domain.co.uk/?p=9

    Take care, Icarus

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