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Thread: Night vision

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    Night vision

    Is this a bug with view? I see my 3d object if goggles are "on" the night vision.
    West/Czech pilot from Editor, military. Night vision is on and I see something like this:

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    It doesn't look right, we'll take a look-see, thanks.
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    If I give noctivisor for others manually no problem, but this pilot is equiped with this goggles as default.

    Thx for info.

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    I'm not seeing a picture in YoYo's original post, but it sounds like I'm having the same problem. In the Mission Editor, when a Czech pilot turns on night vision on foot, all you can see is the "arm" of the goggles, not actually through them. I've never had this problem inside of a vehicle (at least, not inside of one of the Hinds). I don't know if this has since been patched or anything; my copies of Take On Helicopters and Arma II (plus its expansions) are all through Steam, and...well, I think most everyone here knows what problems that brings.

    Is anyone else still having this problem, and if so have you discovered any good workarounds?

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