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Thread: 3rd Person view / cargo

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    3rd Person view / cargo


    I've downloaded the demo from steam and been through the lessons of how to file, hooked up my joystick (Saltek evo force) and started the cargo challenge to move cargo from a - b.

    I've managed to pick up the first one, but when I fly to the drop off point I appear to crash into something, but can't see what. I'm wondering if I'm too low down but I can't see the cargo below me. How can I raise/lower the winch for the cargo? How can I see the cargo?

    Also is there any 3rd person view? I've seen screen shots which seem to suggest there is, but can't find it on the keyboard anywhere.

    Thanks all.

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    External view Enter from num, you can setup too picture in picture in settings.
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    Welcome Harag.

    As yoyo said Num Enter for 3rd Person view. By defaut. I don't think we can raise or lower the winch yet.
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    Check these thread for more info and tips about how to get an eye on your load.

    Here is "my" mod folder for this tweak. (Only for light I think. I didn't tried the other)

    Unzip in your Take On Helicopters game directory and add "@headfree" to your .exe or command line on steam.

    Then enjoy !

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