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Thread: How to turn off new mouse steering?

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    How to turn off new mouse steering?

    Apart from double tapping ctrl can we actually turn mouse steering with the arrow off?

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    It's REALLY hard to use with TrackIR.
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    +1 vote for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MavericK96 View Post
    It's REALLY hard to use with TrackIR.
    indeed..one word: OPTIONAL

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    two words (and a punctuation) - OPTIONAL PLEASE!
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    My very personal opinion on that:it was a useless addition ...

    i mean driving in the game or piloting is not realistic why adding this stuff ?

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    Should be indeed optional. But what I would like to see optional as well is that when ever you enter a vehicle you automatically enter free-look mode cos now I have to do it manually 100% of the time and sometimes crash a car cos i forgot to do it in a hurry. But I can understand that those that have trackir etc might not want this feature to be forced upon them (like the current semi-freelook-mousethingy) so it should be optional.

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    Yes please! Its nice, but ive got very used to diving with the old way. And sometimes the view will move up or down when you dont want it too.

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    Been away from the game for some time. As soon as I read the thread title and people complaining about auto centering I thought BIS went with the awful ARMA 1 steering again. Now I see it's actually much closer to OFP's super smooth steering with a mouse. Just wanted to say it's a fantastic feature! But yeah, make it optional for those who don't want it or don't use a mouse to drive

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    its not about the mouse steering, thats really good, it's about the head-moving while steering, if you use headtracker, it's confusing, thats all

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