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Thread: IVE HAD IT!!!!!! Installation problem #5836404660463067830575490457804

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    Angry IVE HAD IT!!!!!! Installation problem #5836404660463067830575490457804

    Running CO on Steam, Windows Vista. I get "ARMA 2 REINFORCEMENTS has stopped working" right after loading on desktop. It used to call itself "ARMA 2 OPERATION ARROWHEAD", but I hardly fucking care anymore (see end of post). Don't have an admin account, so I have to make my parents authorize every other thing I do, and if I try to do it one more time, I'll get fucking strangled! I've reinstalled the game, I tried to reinstall Battleye, which has worked in the past, but it's being a piece of shit and not responding to all the authorizations, so it'll be another fucking week before I can try that again! I've fucking had it with this piece of shit refusing to work!!!! I'm going to start looking for a good tac shooter that looks better than fucking BF2 that actually fucking works!

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    lol u mad bro

    (do your parents have to authorise your forum accounts too? )
    Quote Originally Posted by ***LeGeNDK1LLER*** View Post
    well you are 1 of the greatest examples that pressing the reply button doesn't mean necessarily answering.

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    Ya that helped him out, great support there DM.

    First thing is first, calm down, being mad is understandable but its only going to worsen your situation.
    if you want help then ask, complaining about what you did does and it not working will most likely not get anyone to help you.

    i help if i could only cuz i feel your pain, but preferable search before you post:

    Review the following thread for steam issues:
    ARMA2 & OA's Steam Thread: All Steam Q's/discussions go here [covered by Dwarden]

    Theres also this thread:
    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    start with the steam, review the thread a bit, and or post in there, you may have to list step by step what you did and how you did it,
    i dont use steam for Arma games so i dont know, I'd assume its simple to install but i think from what im getting your issue may be Vista issue not so much the game.

    Hope that helps.

    ps dont give up as

    BF2 has nothing that Arma games cant do better in many more ways then one.
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    Forum join date correspond with birthdate?

    So you are trying to install a piece of software without the proper permissions. How is this BIS fault?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Günter Severloh View Post
    Ya that helped him out, great support there DM.
    He cant install properly as he does not have the proper permissions to do so, and is not willing to ask for them in fear of backlash from his parents, so instead he rages about it being "shit" to us...

    UAC will be the death of us all...

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    So get permission then, then post when your not mad and interested in actual help.

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    Most imature prophet I have met online (so far).

    Anyway........lovely topic title but sadly it is not good enoug for the forum rules, not to mention the excesive and unnecessary swearing. Lets have a look which rules apply here:

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    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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