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Thread: Interactive Smoke

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDruid View Post
    No. You can destroy original particle and create new one instead of the original one. But there are many problems and I doubt that you can solve them all satisfactorily. First big problem - you don't know speed of the original particle. Second big one - you have to create new particle emitor for every single particle and that's very expensive.
    Could some major overhaul allowing existing particles to be manipulated be a possibility for future ARMA's or is it not at all practicle/posssible?

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    I believe nothing is impossible... its all a question of available hardware...
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    Seems like an extravagant use of resources, when the smoke doesn't even block AI vision according to particle density and wind direction, but arbitrary radius.
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    I want interactive smoke, helicopter rotor downwash should definately move smoke, you see it in all the nam movies, yellow smoke flares getting blown around, it can't be that hard if physx is involved. I want to see trees moving with rotorwash also

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    AFAIR, trees are already affected by rotor wash.

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    It would be nice to see the smoke vortex up when the choppas go to “wop wop” around our heads!
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