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Thread: No 2D PinP screen if I use 3D PinP screen

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    No 2D PinP screen if I use 3D PinP screen

    Please remove this Picture in Picture screen 2D if in settings will be ticked 3D PinP screen.
    It looks annoing if I have two screenies with too same objects.

    http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/1189/takeonh2012033115325816.jpg[/IMG] > 100 KB

    Please vote it:

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    If you press "Left alt" and watch the 3d screen isn't there and option to turn that 2d screen off? I'm sure we can do it but can't remember how. I used the pip only during the campain.. Long.. Long time ago
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    Sorry, but I don't get it. You can disable the 2D PiP and once you did it will be disabled until you enable it again (even if you play another mission). So I really don't see the point in voting for it. It's an option.

    See here:

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    Oo never see this option on/off in virtual cocpit. Manual could be better. Will check, thank You. I always fly with both.

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