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Thread: Stuttering with missions

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    Stuttering with missions


    I have now big problem with stuttering in TOH now. I dont know when it started but some time ago I havent any problem with TOH. Good fps ect. I hope I have fast machine, near Seattle I always have 30-60 (blocked 60) fps but now when I take a mission for single player or from campaign - after 3 minutes (beginning is ok without this) I have big stutter, each 3 seconds . Cant play simply. I thing isnt graphical aspect, if I can do all settings to low - stutters like was it is too. Problem with scripts? Any ideas ?

    TOH+Hinds are on SSD disc.

    My settings of options:

    1.05 + Hind DLC
    only one change in cfg AToC=0; but it was before too.

    No problem with mission of Hinds or Free Flight or Multiplayer and different simulators.

    My raport file: http://speedy.sh/5cbEF/TakeOnH.zip (RPT)
    webmaster of YoYosims

    ToH corner: http://yoyosims.pl/Takeonhelicopters.html
    Vista 64 bits, i7 930 3.76 Ghz (OC), Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R ( Intel X58 ), 8Gb Patriot Viper II Sector5, Asus HD 7970 3Gb DDR5, res.1920x1080 27'', Creative X-Fi Extreme Music + 5.1, TrackIR 5, TH Warthog, Throtlle Quadrant CH Products, CH Pedals USB, Go Flight GF-P8, Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel, Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel, Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel, Saitek Instrumantals Panels, iPad2 for maps [FSX, DCS Ka50, A-10C, TKOH:Hinds, RoF]

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    Hi _YoYo_,

    I notice it is trying to load a sound (crow2_3.wss) over and over again. Check your expansions menu and try runnng it without any expansions as it looks like one or other of the Arma files is being loaded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedra View Post
    Hi _YoYo_,

    I notice it is trying to load a sound (crow2_3.wss) over and over again.
    Yes, but I dont think so its a reason of this stutters.
    Now, no expansions (Yours too are off ):

    Question: if Id like to reinstall all, all my personal progress, setup, key mapping ect. are only in My Documents folder / TOH ? Or in the folder with game too?

    Ok, I have this! Tryed to remember what I install last time and some days ago I put two files: animals.pbo, animals2.pbo (for mission with cows). This is a problem! Removed this files and everything works fine like before!
    Thx Jedra, it was this: ca\sounds\animals\crow2_3.wss exactly.
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