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Thread: How to stop my zasleh from casting a shadow?

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    LOL .... lookin great

    The LOD Properties do my brain in, you have a source (asside from your brain! ) where they are explained?

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    Quote Originally Posted by [APS]Gnat View Post
    The LOD Properties do my brain in, you have a source (asside from your brain! ) where they are explained?
    Yeah, brain (although that's degenerating), the o2 user manual, the bi forums, a database of curious information (built up from mine & other peoples musings over the years), tools that allow me to analyze 1 or many binarized content types at a time which can produce sumarized statistical and attribute info.
    Eg. Run tools over all A1, A2 & OA weapons models look at output reports. Draw conclusions, try assumptions.

    No real 'source' unfortunately. In this particular case I ran a tool over all 'muzzleflash' like BI content, looked at the output reports, mentally noted that they (pretty much) all seemed to have sbsource=none in a more than often or not empty GeoLoD, then checked what the O2 manual had describing sbsource=none (sometimes there's no official sources describing values, properties or attributes of config's, models or maps) and the lodnoshadow and autocenter are pretty standard... so just suggested ABS try them... made easier ofcourse by him posting what he currently had.
    I think we could all agree though it more comes down to experience of knowing what sort of things to look at under what sort of conditions etc., there's no recipe as I'm sure you'd agree and half the time nowadays I'm wrong about stuff anyway.
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    Well, I for one am glad that you're here, Sy. I hadn't even known what LoD Properties were until you told me what to do today, and I found it just by playing around.

    You wouldn't be able to give me any hints on how to change the muzzleflash light colour, would you? ...or am I asking for too much?

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    muzzleEffect = "BIS_Effects_Rifle";
    Defined in bullet/ammo
    Likely the light source ..... but unfortuately I can't find the definition of "BIS_Effects_Rifle"

    Theres lighting colour defined in;
    class WeaponFireGun
    a base class.
    and this is used to define;
    class GunFire
    which resides under CFGVehicles ..... which doesn't seem to be a useful place for weapons :/

    Found BIS_Effects_Rifle, thanks to Q1184 (forum user)
    BIS_Effects_Rifle=compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS\muzzle\rifle.sqf ";
    PHP Code:
    private ["_sh","_p","_tr1","_tr2","_vec","_i","_int"];
    _sh nearestobject [_this select 0_this select 4];
    _p getpos _sh;
    _vec vectordir _sh;
    _int=((speed _sh)/3240)*(0.7 random 0.6);
    _life=_int*(0.5 random 0.2);
    if (
    _life==0exitwith {};
    drop [["\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal",16,12,8], 
    """Billboard"1_life, [000], [0, (random 1.5)*_int0], 00.1040.08
    0.2,[0.11*_int,1.6*_int,_int*2], [[ random 0.07],[1110]],
    1/_life], 10""""_sh,random 360];
     if (
    _int>1then {_int=1};
    if ((
    abs(_p select 2) < _int) and !(surfaceiswater _p)) then 
    _tr1= (_int abs(_p select 2))/1.3;
    drop [["\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal.p3d"1612130], """Billboard"10.9 random 0.3
    _p select 0_p select 10.07], [((_vec select 0) -0.4 +(random 0.8))*1.3, ((_vec select 1) -0.4 +(random 0.8))*1.30], 0
    0.1040.080.2, [(0.2 random 0.2)*_int,(1.3 +random 0.6)*_int],[[],[]], 
    1000], 10""""""];    
    Soooo .... define your own muzzle effect / script.
    The drop command is another that does my head in, so sorry can't tell you where the colour is.

    OT: Bis is still using the slow "nearestobject" to "grab" the bullet !! They added a new parameter to fix that ..... but failed to use it in their own script.
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    Ninjad. I knew where it was and spent a bit more time looking into the config where it called those scripts. They're called by the init lines here:

    Class DefaultEventhandlers 
            init="_scr = _this execVM "\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS\init.sqf";";
    ..and if I were to guess, I'm assuming that Universal.p3d is probably just a fog sprite (single face).

    I'm most definitely not a scripter, so that script means nothing to me yet, but I did not see any RGB values that I could adjust so I assumed that I wouldn't need to modify the effect script. I'll look into those classes that you mentioned and see if anything pops up.

    My goal is to have three different coloured muzzle effects. Blue for the Federation, red for the Klingons, and green for the Romulans. I'm hoping this is possible.

    I'll let you guys know if I find anything...please do the same.


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