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Thread: Realistic CfgRecoils like in FFUR?

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    Realistic CfgRecoils like in FFUR?

    Can someone give me an example on how to make rifle more "wilder"....and more realistic!
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    WGL mod and FDF mod have higher recoils that feel somewhat realistic. I suppose you look at their config files.
    You have to find "Class CfgRecoils". I hope this helps.


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    One problem I ran into when placing custom recoils into my own config was that the machine gunners would shoot way over the heads of their targets. I also had modified the aimPrecision values under CfgMovesMC to increase the 'wavering' you get when holding a weapon so that may have caused the problem. A modified CfgRecoils without touching aimPrecision might not cause the machine gunner problem.
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    You can adjust AI rate of fire slower in the config to get rid of them shooting at the sky with high recoil. I would definately recommended this for FDFmod, with high skill AI they use automatic weapons really badly. Of course that means they won't shoot MG bursts but single rounds.

    What I did is make my dedicated server config have almost no recoil for MGs, but make them have much worse accuracy. That way players had normal FDFmod recoil on MGs and the server side AI could shoot full auto without problems.

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