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    Grapics Question

    Hi all,guys i have a question about the grapics in arma 2 and OA,when i stand beside a tree or vehicle the grapics are fine but as i walk back slowly the textures become worse and worse,i had a problem with the grass also but i changed ATOC to 3 and the grass is ok now,i was just wondering if there is anyway that i can increase the view distance that the vehicle and tree textures look better from a distance?i have a hd 6950 and my brother has the same card and he also is having this problem,could it be the grapics card that is at fault,an info would be great guys,thanks lad
    also here is a video of what is happening
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    That's not a problem but called LOD switching. The further you are away from an object, the more details vanish. With some objects like vegetation it's more "worse"; with others it's not that noticeable.

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    You don't want to know.
    With a 6950 that is still harsh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale0404 View Post
    With a 6950 that is still harsh.
    Yes it is m8,i will upload a video with the problems with the vehicle,s and larger tree,s it alot worse

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    I also have a HD 6950, but it's nothing like that video.. Did you update your drivers already?

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    Also make sure your object detail setting isnt too low, and that some quality settings in your driveroptions (I cant remember and check the exact settingnames right now) are set to 'quality' or 'high quality', and not '(high) performance).

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    Im on my phone so its a pain to link but look at some of the nvidia graphics settings threads. Alot of the settings are probably the same. Also defrag your hard drive. If textures are loading slow this is probably part of the problem. Arma is one of the few games ssd drives make a real difference. I switched it to a ssd (i only use it for games not my os) the improvement was impressive. I use it for toh too which was an even bigger improvement since you are zooming around at high speed. But try a lot of diff settings, it takes a while to fine tune but its worth it.

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    Have you tried to turn your post processing off or down? Same with anti aliasing. Anisotropic filtering will increase distant resolution when set higher. View distance really does not need to be set higher than 3000, 2500 works fine for me as I cant see past that anyway with a higher end computer. What made the biggest difference for me was setting the 3d resolution to 125% (under game resolution setting, which should be set to your monitors natural resolution) by default mine was set to about 87%.

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