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Thread: Looking for suggestions for missions for 2 players

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    Looking for suggestions for missions for 2 players

    I've got a couple of PC's hooked up on my LAN with OA/CO and am a bit overwhelmed with all the mods/missions, so was wondering if anyone could suggest some that would be good for 2 player co-op so that I don't make myself and ArmaII look stupid to my friend, trying to play missions that are totally unsuitable for 2-players

    I'm thinking of five different types:

    1) Basic foot missions, where we work together to achieve objective(s), either with or without additional AI soldiers on our team.

    2) Missions where we each have a team of AI soldiers to control, so we might be more spread out on the map and approach objectives from different flanks (or even separate objectives simultaneously) but still working towards a common goal.

    3) Chopper-based missions (or ones which are a mix of chopper and foot-based) where I can pilot and my friend can be gunner.

    4) Tank-based missions, where one of us can be driver or commander and the other gunner.

    5) High-Command style missions, where we each have a squad to command to achieve a common goal (as with 2, not necessarily the same objective simultaneously).

    but please feel free to suggest anything you think would be fun that doesn't fit into those categories (they're just all I could think of at the moment as the sort of missions that will introduce my friend (any myself to be honest) to the various aspects of OA/CO). I've already downloaded a ton of mods, so feel free to recommend missions that use mods, but I don't want to use any that will make it too realistic so that my friend struggles to play and enjoy himself (I'm thinking of mods like ACE that make it rather complicated to play sniper, or remove crosshairs, or remove enemy identification. We have enough trouble hitting them as it is, without having to deal with not having a clue where they're shooting at us from!).

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    *bang my own drum*

    The LITE mission package, particularly the four player variants, are particularly designed with just that type of gameplay in mind. Each mission takes about 20 minutes to complete and can be played with one to four players.

    Make no mistake. Despite being straight fowardand easy to understand. These aren't easy missions. You'll have to employ planning and sensible tactics to succeed.

    ARMA 2 Mission packs:LITE Coop mission package + LIMA coop mission package (ACE + ACRE) + More ACE + ACRE missions. + Aliabad coop Mission Package+ Fireforce Takistan
    ARMA 3 Mission packs:Fourplay Coop Mission Pack OUTDATED
    Kill things, break stuff. Repeat as necessary.

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    Thanks NkEnNy, those missions sound excellent and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with them

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    For two players choppers missions check W0lle's Cold War Crisis Classic pack (no addons needed). It includes at least two pilot-gunner coop missions.
    Pricklyman just released a two player coop on Armaholic.
    In addition, you may want to have a look on our CiA coop server mission list, that includes all the missions on the CiA coop server (details on my signature). The list is sorted by number of players and each entry includes some description. Let me know what missions you would like and I will send them to you.

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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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